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"Someone my child has never met asked him for his name and immediately he was able to respond with his full name. I was so happy and proud of him :-). I think your video really helped. It is something we have worked on for many years and he was never able to independently answer it. I was pleasantly surprised when he did it this time."

-Mother of a child on the autism spectrum who used our Musical Mnemonic Training Video of his name set to a familiar tune

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A fun and scientifically supported way to make progress toward your goals!

As a supplement to music therapy sessions, or as a way to try it out with no commitment, we now have home-practice videos available for you! Neuroplasticity research shows us that repetition, high frequency of practice, and engagement are needed for changes in the brain to occur. These conditions are met in music therapy! Using evidence-based Neurologic Music Therapy techniques, these short videos are tailored to your needs and preferences to help with expressive language and learning.

Videos can be purchased for a one-time fee for your unlimited use at home. They will walk you through the steps of each technique so that you can practice daily and make fast progress towards your goals. Topics may include: Musical Mnemonic Training, Melodic Intonation Therapy Phrases, Rhythmic Speech Cueing, Musical Speech Stimulation, and Therapeutic Singing for Speech. 

See the clip below for an example. 

Melodic Intonation Therapy is particularly effective for people with Broca's or expressive aphasia, and may help with apraxia

and speech-motor issues. Each Melodic Intonation Therapy Phrase Video is approximately 4 minutes in length

and is meant to be practiced several times a day. 

Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) Standard Phrases include: 

"I need a break" 

"Go to the bathroom"

"Some water, please"

"I'm so hungry"

"How are you today?"

Standard MIT Phrase or Fill-in-the Blank Song Video: $25

Customized Video (name, address, etc.): $35


Using melody and rhythm paired with speech rewires the brain to use different neural pathways to access speech. Email or call for a video tailored to your needs, with a meaningful phrase just for you.

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