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I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Alie to help a client with a severe movement disorder. In the time we’ve been working together, my client has gone from not being able to stand up to being able to walk for community distances. I was aware of the research supporting the use of music with individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, but I didn’t appreciate the power of music therapy with this population until I saw Alie work a miracle with my own client. She has a knack for choosing music that resonates and that helps to address each person’s particular challenges and she is an absolute delight to work with.

Elizabeth C. Hart, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Carol Woods Retirement Community

Alie was my daughter's music therapist for four years and from the very beginning they had a

strong bond.  My daughter was very engaged during her sessions with Alie and was more responsive with her than any of her other therapists. My daughter was able to respond spontaneously to Alie and with great enthusiasm which is not typical when she is with other teachers or therapists. They wrote songs together and worked on academic skills during their sessions. Alie is a very talented, warm music therapist. Anyone who works with Alie will certainly benefit from her expertise!"

Mother of a teenager with autism and a genetic disorder

Alie approaches each resident with sincere interest and compassion.  She incorporates cultural and personal history in her work to make each session meaningful for those she works with. Recently when working with a nonverbal resident, she incorporated Japanese music into the session in honor of the resident's cultural heritage. It was evident by the facial expressions and tears brought to this woman's eyes how very meaningful this intervention was. Alie's groups are lively and hands-on and her approach is skillful and intuitive. Smiles abound and the music elicits responses from those who often show minimal response to other interventions. Music Therapy with Alie is a wonderful enhancement to quality of life at Sunnybrook!"

Eva Miller MPS, ATR
Director of Therapeutic Recreation

Alie has made a huge contribution to my husband’s stroke recovery. From severe aphasia he can now form most words well, and sing them even better. Music therapy has helped language, improvement in lung function, and joy in living. Alie is skilled, patient, and committed. Most important, my husband enjoys his time with her!

The wife of a client with aphasia and apraxia post-stroke

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alie collaboratively to bring virtual music therapy sessions to our aphasia group in Princeton, NJ, and to the Voices of Hope for Aphasia group in Dunedin, Florida. It was pure joy to see and hear the group members light up and participate in warm-up vocal and rhythm exercises and therapeutic singing. They also appreciated learning the ways that music therapy engages the right hemisphere of their brains, allowing them to access words thru music that they otherwise wouldn’t so easily produce. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Alie again soon.

Faye Stillman, MS, CCC-SLP/ATP
Clinical Program Manager/Speech-Language Pathologist, Lingraphica

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