Individual sessions and groups are available in these times of social distancing! The goal of virtual music therapy is to combat isolation and provide access to music therapy for everyone.

Ossia Music Therapy is now offering online sessions in order to meet your needs and bring more connections to your life. 


Please contact us for future dates.

Meet weekly online with a small group of people with similar needs and interests to sing and laugh together. Designed for those with Parkinson's, PSP, and post-stroke related issues and their care partners, research-supported music therapy techniques may include vocal and breathing exercises, singing, songwriting, and improvisation with a good dose of humor. Expect benefits of decreased stress, a stronger voice, speech and communication improvements, connection to partner and others, and elevated mood. Only $15 per session per couple and a sliding fee scale available.

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Retro Singer


Tailored to your needs

In individual online music therapy sessions, we’ll work together to address your needs and strengths. Sessions may include therapeutic singing, memory stimulation and discussion, expressive improvisation and songwriting, cognitive work through drumming, and much more. FREE 15-minute initial online consult. Email or call to book an appointment.


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alie collaboratively to bring virtual music therapy sessions to our aphasia group in Princeton, NJ, and to the Voices of Hope for Aphasia group in Dunedin, Florida. It was pure joy to see and hear the group members light up and participate in warm-up vocal and rhythm exercises and therapeutic singing. They also appreciated learning the ways that music therapy engages the right hemisphere of their brains, allowing them to access words thru music that they otherwise wouldn’t so easily produce. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Alie again soon."

Faye Stillman, MS, CCC-SLP/ATP
Clinical Program Manager/Speech-Language Pathologist


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