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An interactive, online therapeutic program for families, care teams, and speech and music therapists

When we sing or speak with RHYTHM and MELODY, our brains process this differently than speaking.

These exercises can circumvent speech difficulties and form NEW PATHWAYS TO SPEECH!

This innovative E-program is designed for daily use to support individuals with:

  • Aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria

  • Traumatic brain injury/stroke

  • Autistic and Developmentally Different individuals 

  • Parkinson's, Dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases

  • Anyone with expressive language needs

Video and audio guide you through 50 pages of fun, research-supported singing exercises, based upon author Alie Chandler's 20+ years of clinical music therapy experience, specialized trainings, and collaboration and consultation with speech-language pathologists.

Designed for both families and therapists to use as a supplement to speech and/or music therapy. 

Sections include: 

  1. Physical Warm-ups for Singing​

  2. Breathing Exercises

  3. Vocal and Articulation Singing Exercises

  4. Therapeutic Singing

  5. Melodic Intonation Therapy Phrases

See video below for a preview! View and purchase the e-program on the "E-Programs" page for a one-time fee for unlimited use ($75)

or enroll in a monthly subscription for more support and interaction! 

A monthly subscription includes: 

  • An introductory 1:1 zoom for how best to use the e-program (15-20 min)

  • Monthly zoom groups to practice the techniques with others

  • Email consultations for questions (4x a month)

  • E-Program updates of new exercises and songs

  • A community group on this website to interact and learn from each other (includes special zoom events)


Cancel anytime!


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Practical Melodic Intonation Therapy phrases broken down into interactive steps with video and audio. Practice them daily and reconnect pathways to speech using melody and rhythm!


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Strengthen oral motor and vocal muscles through daily warm-ups with these fun exercises. Video and audio included,

with friendly visuals to help.

Sing For Speech E-Program: Services
Sing For Speech E-Program: Famous Quote

"As a Speech Pathologist, there are few experiences more incredible than watching a client with aphasia produce voice and language via song. The Sing For Speech e-program is a beautiful, easy-to-use, evidence-based tool that is a must have for

Melodic Intonation Therapy. My clients give it a solid thumbs-up!

Accessible for clinicians and families alike."

- Lauren Schwabish, M.S., CCC-SLP
Owner, Neuro Speech Services, PLLC

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"This unique manual provides an ample practice opportunity in a user-friendly format--a wonderful resource. I appreciate the color coding, video demos, clear and appealing graphics, supportive tone, and easy access." 

- Ellen Bernstein-Ellis, M.A. CCC-SLP, Director Emeritus, Aphasia Treatment Program at California State University/East Bay

“This innovative e-program empowers people with aphasia and other expressive language issues to practice their communication skills at their own pace. This is a valuable resource for individualized music therapy and speech-language therapy programs." 

 - Alison Talmage, New Zealand Registered Music Therapist,  Co-Founder of the CeleBRation Choir at the University of Auckland's Centre for Brain Research.  

"This step-by-step e-guide is the perfect addition to any music therapist's toolkit to help clients make faster progress in their speech skills." 

- Julie Guy, MM, MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapy Fellow, Chief Operating Officer of The Music Therapy Center of California  

"Alie Chandler's music-based language exercises are right on for practicing skills in between sessions." 

- Dr. Petra Kern, MT-BC, MTA, DMTG, Professor, Researcher, Consultant

Sing For Speech E-Program: Famous Quote

Sing For Speech©, a sneak peak!

Sing For Speech E-Program: Video


Contact us within 48 hours of purchase for a full refund.

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