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Sing For Speech©: Daily Expressive Language Exercises


50-page e-guide of fun music therapy-based techniques to enhance expressive language and speech. Sing along with videos and audio daily! Includes graphics and simple step-by-step directions for a reader-friendly experience. Sections include: Physical Warm-ups for Singing Breathing Exercises Vocal and Articulation Exercises Therapeutic Fill-in-the-Blank Singing Practical Melodic Intonation Phrases For the one-time fee, you will have unlimited online access! 48-hour refund policy. If you enroll in the monthly subscription, you'll enjoy the e-program and extra benefits of 1:1 and group support and interaction. Cancel a subscription anytime! Click the JOIN button below to access Sing For Speech©. Become a member by creating a username and password. Then choose your purchase option. ​ *If you are already a member of Sing For Speech, make sure you are logged into the site in the upper right corner. Then click START at bottom of page. The program is in book form after the Introduction section. Click the dots in top right corner of the title page to expand the e-book. Swipe the pages or click on the sides of the page to turn a page. Happy Singing! We appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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Single Payment
Sing For Speech© E-Program


Contact us within 48 hours of purchase for a full refund of one-time fees if unsatisfied with this program. Cancel a subscription anytime.

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