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Sing For Speech: Exercises For Expressive Language


36 online pages of fun and engaging music therapy techniques to enhance expressive language and speech. Sing along with videos and audio daily! Includes many graphics and visuals for a reader-friendly experience. Sections include: Stretches for singing, Breathing exercises, Vocal and Articulation Warm-ups, Therapeutic Singing, and Melodic Intonation Therapy exercises of four practical phrases. Based upon cutting edge music therapy research and over 20 years of music therapy clinical experience, including collaborations with speech-language pathologists, this interactive e-program is a therapeutic home program for daily use by families and care teams. It is also a resource for speech-language pathologists, music therapists, and other professionals to use in virtual or in-person clinical work, as a supplement to sessions. For use with individuals with: Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria and other speech and language issues Brain Injury/Stroke Dementia and other progressive neurological diseases Autistic and Developmentally Different Individuals Anyone with expressive language difficulties

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